Festive Season with CHIVRI

Nov 11, 2023

A touch of elegance and symbolism can be added to your festive season celebrations by incorporating beautiful natural gemstones such as black onyx, red onyx, amethyst, and cubic zirconia in sterling silver jewellery. Diwali is a festival of lights and joy.


Black Onyx:

The inherent characteristics of black onyx include protection, strength, and grounding energy. It is believed to take in and neutralise bad energy. Including black onyx in your festive jewellery will give your ensemble a refined edge and a sense of inner strength. It looks great in contrast to the vivid colours amalgamating with fine sterling silver that are frequently connected to festive celebrations.


Red Onyx:

Red onyx is associated with bravery, strength, and desire. It is supposed to provide harmony and uplifting energy. A splash of festive colour along with luxury can be added to your festive attire with red onyx in sterling silver. It might be a great option for people who like to make a big impression during the festivities because it represents vitality.


Green Amethyst:

Prasiolite, another name for green amethyst, is linked to abundance, advancement in consciousness, and success. Ametrine's gentle green colour in sparkling fine silver goes well with the customary festive hues. It infuses your appearance with a serene and revitalising quality, representing hope and constructive change.


Cubic Zircon:

Cubic Zircon is frequently used as a less expensive substitute for diamonds. It stands for sophistication, clarity, and ageless beauty. By simulating the brightness of diamonds, cubic zirconia in fine sterling silver can add a touch of shine to your vibrant festive attire. For people who wish to look gorgeous without having to pay for genuine diamonds, it's a cost-effective option because to its affordability.


Green Malachite:

Protecting, transforming, and positive change are all connected to malachite. Negative energy is said to be absorbed by it. A sense of development and wealth can be evoked by the deep green colour of maliciouslite. An eye-catching and distinctive complement to your festive attire can be malachite jewellery set in sterling silver.


This festive season bring powers, bravery, abundance to your home with CHIVRI Natural Gemstone Jewellery and feel the strength inside you.
Be a change to the society and to yourself with CHIVRI.

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